Delivering a score to a mixer can be done in several ways. 

Regardless of what DAW you work in, we will find a suitable workflow to get your score output and ingested into Pro Tools.

Delivery Checklist

This is what we need to get started.
1) Confirmation of final mix delivery format: Stereo, 5.1, 7.1
2) Locked cut of picture with burnt-in timecode. Broken into reels is fine
3) Stereo guide track of the dialogue (premixed if possible)
4) Stereo guide track of the sound effects
5) Stereo guide track of the score temp mix
6) Each cue supplied in separate sessions or folders (not essential)
7) Tempo / Meter Map for each cue (not essential)
(It is preferable to have each cue supplied in a separate session/folder and numbered accordingly. Also, supplying a spreadsheet with exact timecodes for when each cue starts and finishes)

Pro Tools Session Delivery

Having all tracks labelled clearly and ordered in sections assists with session preparation.

Virtual Instrument Score Delivery

With the ability to commit tracks in Pro Tools, handovers from a composers session to the mixer is now much easier.
Using “Commit Tracks” you can supply me with your exact balance and keep all your volume and pan settings as a starting point. If you have inserts on your instrument tracks like eq, compression, etc, leave them on and if there is a need, we can organise a resupply.

Highlight all tracks in your session. Right-click one of the track names. Select Commit Track.
Making sure to tick these boxes:

Then, do a “Save Copy Session” and zip the new session for upload. This way I get access to the tempo map, markers and timeline position of your session. This helps in the event of a resupply, saving time and allowing for clear communication.

Combined Ensemble Instrument Tracks

If you are using a virtual instrument with an entire ensemble arrangement on one track, isolating the bass part is very helpful during mixing.
Duplicating the ensemble instrument track and removing the bass part from one, then removing the rest of the ensemble from the other.


In the event of a resupply, making clear notes on what has changed including time codes is very important. This enables me to find any automation that needs to be moved efficiently.

If working in Pro Tools, creating an audio track and creating a region group covering the length of the change with notes in the region group is an easy way of communicating changes.

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